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We are Madison and Jordan or madsnjords and we have been travel agents for 4 years. Specializing in Disney & Universal Vacation spots is our passion in the travel industry.

Madison has completed 2 internships and grew up going to the parks since she was 18 months old. Disney family traditions are strong in our family, and the magic keeps getting better every year.

Jordan has travelled to Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico and now several Disney Vacations. The best parts of travel for him are the ocean adventures, food and culture, and connecting with fellow travellers.

Additionally, our portfolio includes Hawaii, South Pacific, cruises and all-inclusive vacation destinations. With more than 30 years in combined customer service and hospitality training, we are your ideal travel planning and booking guides to enjoying not just any vacation, but a memorable vacation.

The goal of Finding Magic Adventures* is not just to discover new places, but to connect to those places and the people that surround you in that moment. What you get to take home from those experiences are memories that write your magical story in your life.

So lets start writing your story today by contacting Mads n Jords at Finding Magic Adventures.

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